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40+ years teaching 20,000+ students from 30+ countries

Study Spanish in guadalajara, mexico at the Most accredited Spanish language School

At IMAC (Instituto Mexicano Americano de Cultura) Spanish Language Programs, we are passionate about teaching students our beautiful language and culture. Located in Guadalajara, Mexico, our Spanish language school has more than forty years of experience in the Educational Travel industry. Our externally accredited courses and programs allow you to learn Spanish in Mexico, while exploring our city, staying with host families, and experiencing local culture and heritage. 
We're not just a language school; we are the most accredited Spanish language school in Mexico. We have successfully taught 20,000+ students from over 30 countries. We are the only language school in Mexico to hold accreditation for all of the following:
  • Accredited by Instituto Cervantes
  • The Secretary of Education of Mexico
  • CENNI - only Spanish language school accredited by the government of Mexico.
  • Accredited DELE testing center
  • Bildungsurlaub accredited in eight German federal states

Immersive language programs in mexico

We offer the best language programs in Mexico. The class size is never above 10 students, which allows for the extra attention from our instructors that language learners need.
Our instructors are native speakers who are highly qualified to address individual needs. Choose from our programs and immersive experiences for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Group Program
  • Private Tutoring
  • Spanish for Specific Purposes
  • Work and Study Program
  • Bildungsurlaub Program
  • Spanish for University and College Groups
  • DELE in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Corporate Culture Program (Internships)
  • Study and Volunteer
  • Spanish Summer Programs for Teens

Experience the language & culture of Mexico all around you

Our Language Institute is recognized as one of the finest Spanish language schools in Latin America. We offer the best Spanish language immersion programs and are 100% committed to making your time learning Spanish in Mexico memorable and educationally productive.
You can register all year round and for any length of time commencing every Monday. Not only do we offer a variety of courses, but we also have highly engaging extracurricular activities for you to have fun with the language. After class you can practice your new Spanish skills in the streets: restaurants, bars, and interesting places around town and at every corner.

Other services include:

  • Airport pick up
  • Cultural exchange program
  • Homestay accommodations available
  • Local sightseeing excursions booked free of charge
  • Salsa dancing lessons
  • Unlimited access to our multi-media computer lab
  • Free WI-FI
  • Out of town tours for a minimal fee
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Before we can help you achieve the proficiency level to which you aspire, we first determine your current level in the language through written and oral evaluations. In the type of immersion environment that we provide, reaching proficiency level is very fast. To give you an idea, it has been our experience that within about two months you will be able to understand and be understood. Your proficiency in the language after an eight-week program will be greatly significant. We approximate eight to ten weeks to reach the intermediate-advanced level. Your ability to speak Spanish fluently depends also on your own effort and desire. Joining local cultural activities and exploring the city will help you speak like a native.
  • Among our afternoon activities are free salsa lessons. You can practice the Spanish language and join in the fun every Friday at 6:15 pm and Saturdays at 2 pm. Since all skill levels run in parallel during the class, you do not have to attend consecutive lessons. If you are interested in private lessons we have made an arrangement with a local dance school. All classes are taught by Spanish native speakers and you will have the opportunity to interact and practice your new Spanish language skills while you dance salsa.
  • Yes, our taxi pick up service is available 24/7. The cost is $30 USD and good for up to three people going to the same address.
  • Yes, in addition to the classroom instruction, you have unlimited access to our Multimedia Lab (email, Internet, interactive Spanish programs), free of charge. Currently, we have over forty computers available during business hours that are fully equipped with enhanced Spanish language software and Internet capabilities. You will also have free WI-FI at our school.
  • Yes. IMAC Spanish Language Programs welcomes beginners (A1) to enroll in our classes and programs.
  • We request that we receive your completed application and deposit fee at least one week before the first day of class. However, unlike other schools, we administer no late fees and NO Enrollment fee. The application can be submitted online through our website using the secure form. You may also register over the phone via one of our toll-free numbers or at + (52-33) 3614-1414.
  • We have 14 basic levels: 6 beginners, 4 intermediate and 4 advanced. All class levels are available year round.
  • Every year we welcome approximately 500 students. Their age varies from 16 to 70+ years old. We have welcomed students from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Australia, France, Austria, Russia, Italy, among other countries.
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