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Learn a Language Abroad Without Going Broke


Going overseas and learning a new language does not have to break the bank. Knowledge is knowing what the best way to learn a foreign language with a limited budget is. There are many obvious ways where you could travel overseas and learn a language while immersing your structure and culture within that country.


Volunteering is one way where you get to become more than just a traveller - one becomes a part of the culture and will be forced into a fast-learning program that will turbo-drive language learning like never before. Accommodation is either free of charge or heavily subsidised. However, this is no holiday but a chance to work and live among speakers of the target language you wish to excel in.


Teaching English overseas is another method of how to learn a language quickly. Sure, you'll be speaking a lot of English when you really want to be learning the native tongue, but you will get to hear so much of your target language that you will find you start picking it up right away. Many language tutors are well paid and can even source free accommodation, providing you can get the right school.


You might also like to try organic farm work exchanges in a foreign country. This is a very cheap way of living overseas with very little outlay in accommodation expenses. But be prepared to work hard.


If working or volunteering is not your thing: do a homestay and a language program. These roles are best carried out in developing countries - so if you are learning Spanish, try one of the Central American nations, before opting for the more-expensive countries of Spain or Argentina first.


Homestay programs often include three cooked meals a day, a bed and a chance to live and speak with a local family. These programs can help you learn a language in a much faster timeframe than being schooled at college in evening classes. Moreover, you get to experience the wonder of living in a foreign land and meeting people of a different culture.


If you wish to learn a language in the best way possible, a homestay with a family brings in a dynamic no other learning method can muster. You will talk to a family and swap terms, phrases and words and you'll be corrected on an hourly basis when you get something slightly wrong. But it's all achieved with kindness and friendship at the forefront of an extended holiday overseas.



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