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  • Before we can help you achieve the proficiency level to which you aspire, we first determine your current level in the language through written and oral evaluations. In the type of immersion environment that we provide, reaching proficiency level is very fast. To give you an idea, it has been our experience that within about two months you will be able to understand and be understood. Your proficiency in the language after an eight-week program will be greatly significant. We approximate eight to ten weeks to reach the intermediate-advanced level. Your ability to speak Spanish fluently depends also on your own effort and desire. Joining local cultural activities and exploring the city will help you speak like a native.
  • Yes, it is possible to begin with group courses and then switch to private lessons, or vice versa. We only require that you request any changes 1 day in advance.
  • Yes. Our institution grants six credit hours for 120 hours of group contact classroom instruction or 80 hours of private instruction. This is the equivalent of one credit hour per 20 hours of group classes for our introductory course. The intermediate and advanced group classes are taught at an accelerated rate because of the immersion environment, and you receive six credits hours for 80 hours of group contact classroom instruction or 53 hours of private instruction.

    We recommend that you verify with the Academic Counselor or Language Department of your home school that credits obtained at IMAC Spanish Language Programs will be made valid. They will most probably ask for a copy of our course content structure, and proof of our credentials. We have been fully accredited by the Department of Education of Mexico since 1977), which we can provide upon request.

  • Citizens of the United States or Canada who are planning a trip to Mexico will need to carry a passport or WHTI-compliant travel document. A passport is necessary for everyone entering Mexico by air. Travelers entering Mexico by land may not be asked to present a passport, but will need to present one upon return to the US or Canada, so be sure you have it. The passport requirement is waived in some cases for minors, notably, school groups that are traveling together. Since requirements vary from country to country, the best thing will be to contact your nearest Mexican consulate and inquire with them.
  • Yes, students under the age of 17 must come accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
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