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Feel free to browse the reviews and comments from our former Spanish students. These are the individual experiences and testimonials by a few people who have studied Spanish in Guadalajara with us. See for yourself why IMAC is one of the most effective and exciting Spanish language courses in Mexico, enhanced with experiential learning and cultural activities.
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My teacher is excellent. She is professional, intelligent, and competent. If I come back I hope I have her again as my teacher. I am impressed with your program overall - it is very comprehensive and well organized. Thanks for a great experience.
Vicki Cairns-Illinois, USA
The classes are wonderful almost all conversation which is what I wanted. They are tailor fit to student preference.
Shandor Elizabeth-Florida, USA
The Imac building is one of the nicest and cleanest in Guadalajara! I had an excellent teacher she is very knowledgeable, fun and kind hearted. She also taught me a lot about culture.
Brenda Wherry-California, USA
My teacher was excellent and helped me learned a lot of Spanish. The school was very good in adapting to my needs.
Sheryl Ellis-Kirkcaldy, UK
The class is great I have a very nice teacher and refers also to our individual belongings. There are 4 students in class that's a great size
Seidenspinner Nicole-Deutschland
The classes are great, lots of speaking; different methods are very effective.
Falkenberg Julia-Bavaria, Germany
My Spanish teacher is energetic; the tour on Wednesday was a lot of fun!
Mandy Tao-Ontario, Canada
In one week I had the opportunity to review verb forms, practice pronunciation, and meet new people.
Jason Ford-Wheaton IL, USA
I really enjoyed my Spanish class and my teacher is outstanding, I learned a lot in class.
Rosalyn Yankson-Houston TX, USA
The Wednesday field trips were great! My teacher is very skilled, organized, and informative, with the perfect mixture of humor, patience, and professionalism.
Elizabeth Naidoff-San Francisco CA, USA
Much better than I could have anticipated, I hope to return.
Robert Ferrell-El Paso Texas, USA
Best Spanish program, learned a lot in just two weeks.
Chase Merritt-Morton Texas, USA
The class is very good. The teacher uses different approach to interact students. The teacher uses games and plays in the class which is more interactive and excellent.
Monica Wong-El Paso Texas, USA
Francisco was the best teacher. He made learning here fun!
Lydia Allen-Champaign Illinois, USA
Good program, and great communication. I enjoy my experience in Guadalajara. I learned a lot in class.
Nicole Smolich-Australia
Best Spanish ever! The class was fun with new ways to help us effectively learn Spanish. It was a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole school. We adored our teacher!
Alice Sisley - New Zealand
The classes are very engaging due to the conversational practice, varying instructional strategies and expertise of the instructor.
David Gonzales - Phoenix Arizona, USA
The classes are good. I love the excursions and how fun and educational the classes are.
Jon Gonzales - Phoenix Arizona, USA
The classes have a very formal structure, more than other schools I have gone to.
Judy Gilligan - Boulder Colorado, USA
The classes are very helpful. It moves quickly by the teacher varying the activities.
Janet Solbakken - Hayward California, USA
I enjoyed the classes. Having a native speaker teach the class was very powerful. The class began and ended on time. The teacher was very prepared for class.
David Stone - Cleveland Tennessee, USA
The classes were through and very helpful. I especially enjoyed the Wednesday "Outing". My teacher was always on time and prepared. She is an excellent teacher.
Stephanie Stone - Cleveland Tennessee, USA
I had a good time with my professor. Since I don't have any foundation of Spanish, this class was well designed for me. Even if is only two weeks of learning at IMAC. I am able to make short sentences. Great experience!
Lichieh Lai - Los Angeles California, USA
Elizabeth was a great teacher, very patient and speaks very clear.
Diane Strickland - Roanoke Virginia, USA
Elizabeth was a great teacher, enjoyed instruction.
Art Strickland - Roanoke Virginia, USA
My teacher was excellent, The classes size were perfect.
Matthew English - Winchester Massachusetts, USA
The classes are great, the book is easy to use and the teaching is amazing. The teacher is awesome, always in time and prepared.
Emily Hester - Austin Texas, USA
La maestra fue fantástica, es muy inteligente y paciente
Michael Jurkoch - Austin Texas, USA
Ambos maestros eran excelentes. No puedo imaginar una experiencia mejor que esta. The classes were excellent with very able instructors. Even better was the opportunity to meet and talk to Spanish speaking students and others to constantly be working on the language. A not to be missed chance to break out of my cultural prison. There is no better teacher than the daily conversation of the homestay family. A wonderful experience.
Roger Nettleton - Kirksville Missouri, USA
My teacher is wonderful, and she adopted the lessons to what we hended. I feel that IMAC offers a lot to their students: quality, classes with quality professors, experiences to further learning and a wonderful atmosphere with great relations between the students / faculty/ administration.
Heather Kelsey - Chicago Illinios , USA
I enjoyed the variety during the course: games, field trips, conversation, and the teachers were very helpful and understanding. I couldn't have wished for a better family. It was fun to meet Mexican students during the conversation hour.
Nicole Lux - Lakewood Washington, USA
Very nice to have computer programs and internet access.
Ann Eagle - Laurel Montana, USA
The instructors were excellent. They kept the interest level high, their techniques were above average. I felt that they had my best interest in mind and interested in my program.
Jim Bomberg - Suncity Arizona, USA
My instructor's skills are beyond what I expected of a teacher. She daily has new activities catered to the needs of her students. I was a student of hers for 4 weeks and enjoyed going to class everyday My host family took me in as their own from the beginning. I enjoyed every minute with my new family. The family took it upon them to take me to areas of the city and see the true beauty of Mexico. The food at the host family was better than any restaurant. My host mother took me every where I loved it. I saw much of the city because of her she is great.
Nadia Herig - Oceanside California, USA
What I liked about IMAC was that it allowed me to practice speaking Spanish. I especially liked the interchange with English students. The film on the political changes within Mexico was very interesting. Practicing is the most important part. This is strongly yet kindly encouraged.
Paul Griesgraber, Toronto, Canada
I think that a great profit of the program is that there are many Mexicans around the school to talk with. I have been in other programs that only had students that studied Spanish.
Edward Priest-Massachusetts, USA
The conversational interchange program was very fun and good way to get to know other students and make friends.
Andrea Vicente-Lansing Minnesota, USA
I enjoyed the Cultural conversational interchange program; it was hard, but challenging in a good way.
Lydia Allen-Champaign Illinois, USA
The conversation classes were very helpful"; "the family was great. I actually felt like a member.
Evan Wyss-Tierra Verde Florida, USA
I like the conversation classes. It is good to interact with local people!
Joseph Villegas-Grand Prairie Texas, USA
I am understanding more when spoken to, now I feel I can hear words, and recognizing those I didn't understand.
Derek Young-Chicago, USA
We have ample practice of conversation in the class about grammatical topics, experiences, observations etc..,
Pickett Porterfield-New Braunsfel, USA
Conversation in class and with the host family has been extremely helpful.
Jaclyn Kuwada-San Francisco, USA
Conversation classes are a lot of fun. It is a good way to meet people, and practice your Spanish.
Adlai Mast-USA
Guadalajara is a fantastic place to study Spanish with marvelous and friendly people. The IMAC program really prepares a student to become fluent in Spanish.
Geoffrey Buck-Hollywood, USA
So far we only toured the city but it was wonderful.
Robert Ferrell- El Paso Texas, USA
I really enjoyed my 4 weeks in Guadalajara
Kristin Jacobs- USA
Great visit to Hospicio Cabañas. A wonderful experience.
Kevin Audette- Warwick Connecticut, USA
Guadalajara is a fantastic place to study Spanish with marvelous and friendly people. The IMAC program really prepares a student to become fluent in Spanish.
Geoffrey Buck- Hollywood, USA
Guadalajara is an authentic Mexican experience at a reasonable cost.
Jordan Whatley- Lowa, USA
My friend highly recommended Guadalajara to me. It was a big city but not like Mexico city. People were friendly and helpful.
Mary John- Florida, USA
I chose Guadalajara because it was mentioned in my travel book and Lonely Planet for Spanish Schools.
Rachel Bevan- Camathen, U.K
Reputation as the cultural and intellectual center of Mexico.
Shams Zaman- USA
I had a great time in Guadalajara and wish I could stay longer. My Spanish improved tremendously during my stay and I have wonderful friends in my (host) family.
Mariann Schlotterbeck- Germany
I had visited the city in 2001 and liked it. I also visited IMAC and they made a good impression.
Paul Teng- Illinois, USA
The weather, presence of foreigners, cost of program and homestay.
Elizabeth Williams- Apple Valley, USA
Big city, safe, beautiful, has good Mariachis and cultural points of interest.
Sally Davenport- Tucson, USA
I find the climate very agreeable and Mexican people are very friendly as well as helpful.
Aysha Marks- Canada
I really enjoyed my time here in Guadalajara. Imac is a great place to learn Spanish. The cultural exchange program is wonderful as so is the Wednesday program of visiting local buildings of interest. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is serious about learning Spanish.
Shandor Elizabeth- Florida, USA
Enjoyed the Guachimontones excursion the best, food was exceptional. Great addition to school experience. The expectations I had coming to Imac have been met and exceeded. I am very happy with the progress my son and I have made. Not only is Imac Spanish programs highly professional, we enjoyed our experience in Guadalajara tremendously. Guadalajara is no longer a dot on the map but friendship with many wonderful people.
Tim Cavanaugh- Henderson, USA
The tour guides had a great sense of humor and the driver drove safely. Imac clearly cares about the well-being of their students. They put a lot of effort into their placement testing and orientation meetings for new students. They also keep in constant contact with their students in order to secure their health and safety while attending the school. I hope to return next summer.
Brenda Wherry- California, USA
Everyone here at IMAC really cares about my experience, I will definitely come back next year.
Mandy Tao- Ontario, Canada
The Imac staff has been very informative and punctual in meeting my needs. There is always someone available to answer questions and guide me in the right direction when locating places. I definitely hope to return next year!!
Rosalyn Yankson- Houston TX, USA
The overall experience was super. My second time studying here was all I hoped for and expected from this fine school. I congratulate you on the excellence of your program. It is very professional, organized, and a great environment for learning. I have advanced mi español and I look forward to returning here again soon! Muchas Gracias!
Elizabeth Naidoff- San Francisco CA, USA
It is well planned, I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned a lot and will be able to build upon this experience.
Robert Ferrell - El Paso Texas, USA
Imac is a very professional and well run organization. Everyone has been efficient and friendly. Mucho Gusto!
Keri Moe- El Paso Texas, USA
It was really cool to have been able to do this. I would definitely come again. I learned so much at IMAC in 2 weeks than a term at school in NE!!
Sarah Leonard- New Zealand
I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed my classes. I had excellent instructors. I am very impressed with their energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to teaching Spanish. For example, they created items to assist instruction and my studies have benefited from their innovation. They are very good with students of all abilities. I feel very lucky to have spent some time with them. I wish them good luck in all of their endeavors
Jeff Madison - Denver Colorado, USA
This has been a wonderful experience for our whole family. We have learned about the language and the culture. Our homestay family was the best!
Lea Ann Lust - Abernathy, USA
My experience with the school and the city have exceeded my expectations. The staff at the school is extremely helpful and there is no doubt that they genuinely are concerned that you have a good experience while you are here. I am looking forward to returning for another week sometime next year.
David Keyes - Salt Lake City, USA
I found everyone connected with the school to be friendly, bright, and warm. The institute has an inviting feeling to it. The host family went out of their way to include me in all activities, each member seemingly taking turns to teach and/or show me something. My instructor was sharp, very friendly, patient, and well-organized. I will recall my experiences here with fondness.
Tom Coonan - Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur, Mexico
Classes: The first week was excellent my teacher provided great help on fundamental grammar and the subjunctive tense of Spanish. I also think very highly of the text - well organized.
Conversation: No problems.
Homestay: Wonderful family. Very accommodating.
Nathan Bartholomew - Phoenix Arizona, USA
I enjoyed working with Señora Lara. She was very patient and encouraging. She made me feel like I was learning Spanish. The faculty at IMAC was excellent, very attentive and responsive, nice. We enjoyed seeing them everyday.
Thuy Tien Le - Phoenix Arizona, USA
Overall, I enjoyed the whole experience and I was impressed by the facilities. The homestay family was very friendly and helpful.
Ed Braunschneider - Los Angeles California, USA
This was really an exciting and dynamic experience for me. I would highly recommend this experience to my fellow. Life is too short not to go with IMAC into the heart of the Spanish language!
Uffe Rasmussen - Vejle Denmark
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